The management of the Park has established these rules and regulations for the comfort, convenience and safety of all its residents and in order to maintain the Park as a clean, pleasant and well-kept community.

Rules and Regulations

Cooperation of all of the Tenants of the Park is necessary in order to maintain the standards. These rules and regulations shall apply to all Tenants of the Park. Landlord reserves the right to grant exceptions to these rules and regulations for good cause, which exception must be in writing.

Garbage Management

Human garbage is attractive to black bears. When bears get into people's garbage, they may be encouraged to return to the location because of the food reward. Bears that associate people with food may have to be trapped or destroyed. Be a good neighbor by following these tips.

  • Use certified bear-resistant garbage containers and keep the container outdoors if you live in an area frequented by black bears. Certified bear-resistant trash containers have passed a formal testing procedure and are proven to keep bears out. Certified containers offer the best protection.
  • If not using certified containers, store all garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids and place them within a secure location where bears are unlikely to see or smell them. For example, leave garbage containers in your basement until morning of garbage  collection. Note: Occasionally, bears have tried to enter buildings in search of food, so use caution.
  • Wash trash containers with a disinfectant solution at least once a week to eliminate odors. Examples of disinfectant solution include hot water and chlorine bleach or ammonia.
  • Put out garbage on collection day, not the night before.
  • Use certified bear-resistant community dumpsters in housing developments and gated communities.
  • Store recycling containers in a secure building and only put them outdoors on the day of pick up. Empty recyclables, like beverage cans, bottles and food containers can attract bears.
  • Garbage containers or dumpsters may be stored within Bear Resistant Dumpster Enclosures (BRDEs). These are fully enclosed structure consisting of four sides (i.e. solid panels or cyclone fencing,) eight feet high, and with a top of sufficient design (i.e. barbed wire or roof) constructed to prevent access by black bears.
  • BRDEs should meet the standards specified by the Living with Wildlife Foundation. Various BRDE Designs can be found at the  
    following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oc3yIDcEbwcuq_Bccpv_-PaUUu_8LhXB/view

Quiet and Peaceful

No one is permitted to play ball in the streets, run in other yards, ride bicycles or skate in the streets. No one shall make noises or use musical and electronic instruments, including voice, radios, televisions and amplifiers in such a manner as may tend to disturb other Tenants.


The Tenant is responsible for the maintenance of his/her mobile home, skirting, steps and lot at their own expense. All yards, home sites and lots must be neat and maintained to the satisfaction of Landlord. No litter or debris is permitted on the leased space. All Tenants are responsible for keeping grass short and removing high weeds around their mobile home, trees, shrubs, walks and poles. Garden plantings on or about the leased premises shall not be permitted